Remote Year: Photos of the Week, Lisbon, Portugal, Week 3


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Cycle Tour in Cova do Vapor, Portugal | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Adventures abound when you’re travelling the world as a digital nomad with Remote Year. Our third week in the Lisbon area of Portugal was a wild frenzy of fun — a new travel experience every day!

Included in our monthly fees for Remote Year are 3 local experience “tracks”, which are curated, authentic experiences that are designed to immerse us into the unique aspects of each international location that we stay in. There are more than 3 tracks offered, and we get to choose the 3 that resonate the most. Tough decisions!

On top of the 3 included tracks are “plus” tracks… similar local experiences that we pay a nominal fee for.

And then there are the spontaneous events that blossom out of a group of curie-ous* like-minded travellers.

So this week I am sharing with you some...