Remote Year: Photos of the Week, Split, Croatia Week 1


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Croatia Airlines flight to Split | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

The premise behind Remote Year is to keep your job and see the world with a group of like-minded travellers. Each month we move from one country to another, exploring ourselves and our world along the way. As a food & travel photographer, the photo opportunities are endless. As are the learning opportunities.

After a thrilling 5 weeks in Lisbon, Portugal we were off to Split, Croatia via a short stopover in Rome, Italy. Our #RYCurie* group may have taken most or all of the seats on the small turbo-prop plane that flew us from Rome to Split, Croatia. But it was a smooth and quick trip over the Adriatic Sea to our new home-for-a-month.

I try to arrive in a new city with no pre-conceived notions of what to expect. I don’t do a lot of research prior to arrival. Instead, I...