Remote Year Prep: How I Used Hiking To Relieve The Stress


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Remote Year Prep: Hiking | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Preparing to be a travel photographer on the road for a full year is a much more daunting task than I could have ever imagined. The action lists are endless and some of the actions are life-changing. Here’s how I used hiking to relieve some of that stress and create memories in my home location!

Right now I am known as a “Pre-Mote”. That is, I’m in the pre-travel period of getting ready for the epic year-long adventure that is Remote Year.

And I am stressed. I have been stressed for many months now as I create and tick off the action lists. Maybe one day I will share some of those lists. But right now I kind of despise them. So I will leave that for hindsight.

Sleep deprivation is a thing. A real thing. And it’s fuelled by, and causes, stress. Stress is not good for you....