Remote Year: Street Photography in Lisbon, Portugal


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Tram in Lisbon, Portugal | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

One of my goals this year is to up my game in street photography. Starting in Lisbon, Portugal with Remote Year is truly one of the best travel destinations in the world to capture some compelling street photography shots.

When you first hit the streets of Lisbon you may think it’s a bit chaotic. I know I did during my first week there. Yet soon I started seeing it as vibrant instead of chaotic.

There is art everywhere! And the architecture is mind-blowing, from the Moorish-era tiles that lend texture and rustic sophistication to every façade, to the super-sleek contemporary architecture that reveals a complex cultural aesthetic.

And the people, well, there are so many characters on the streets of Lisbon it’s a treat to just walk about and observe. And I like to observe...