Why professional photos are like blue jeans


The 16-headed jeans shopper

The other day I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. The retail shelves were filled with rows upon rows of jeans, in all different styles and prices. It was so hard to choose which pair of jeans would suit me best. So I said to the clerk, “I will just take all of the jeans home, try them all on for size, walk around a bit with them, work in them, and then I will pay you for the pair I like best. I might even pay for more than one pair.”

Well, you can only imagine that the clerk looked at me like I had 16 heads! (And probably would have called the police had I actually walked out with all of the products.)

The 16-headed image buyer

The other day I did a business photo shoot. I came back to my studio with about 1000 images on my camera card, all in different orientations and featuring different subjects. After hours of carefully selecting, I gave my client a proofing gallery of about 300...