A Guide to Food in Chiang Mai From Broke to Ballin’ ($$$)


There is truly no greater pleasure than going to a country and eating the food it’s famous for, especially if you’ve only had the bastardized U.S. version of it. I’ve never been a particular fan of Thai food (I KNOW, I KNOW, please no emails) so when I settled into Chiang Mai, I had no idea what this city had in store for me. What I’ve been blessed with has been a series of meals each more delicious than the last, and the luck to eat them in restaurants so trendy it’s like they’ve been focus-grouped by Instagram influencers. What’s especially awesome about Chiang Mai is that you’re in good hands whether you’re showing out or being your true broke self (or if you want traditional Thai food or something more western). So come, let’s go on a food porn adventure through this amazing city. Read more on Shut Up and Go.