Bring peace to my soul


Do you have that movie that whenever you see it’s streaming on a service you already pay for, you immediately turn it on? (I was going to use an analogy about seeing it just playing on your TV, but let’s be real nobody has time to pay for cable.)

For me, that movie is Inception. I absolutely adore the Christopher Nolan espionage / action / thriller / drama / etc. And when I saw I could stream it on Netflix last week, I never smashed play faster.

I needed something to be playing while I installed my box braids and as Leonardo DiCaprio washed upon the shore in the opening scene I felt an incredible sense of peace and contentment wash over me.

I was engaged in my favorite things: creating art with my hair and consuming amazing art on my screen, while warm and safe inside.

I don’t know if the actors, or the script supervisor, or line director, or crafts service people, were thinking about viewers like me when they showed up to work that day and played their role in creating and...