How I Stopped Complaining


I used to include just a single affirmation, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better,” in my morning routine. Over the years, this has blossomed into several paragraphs describing how I show up, multiple Bible verses about my faith, a few lines of poetry about my new city, and a slick 6-page slide deck vision board about my future. (I might be overdoing it.)

The combined affect of all this affirming and reflection is that I start every day grounded in my goals and go to bed each night understanding how closer I am.

A few key ideas from Greg McKeown’s philosophy of Essentialism have always been in the mix of my morning routine, but for reasons I will unpack on my own later, they’ve started to resonate with me more.

These are the “core truths” from the philosophy I’ve started to chew on:

“I choose to.“

“Only a few things really matter.“

“I can do anything but not everything.“

Actually, let’s unpack why these things are hitting extra hard...