I Jumped Off a Bridge (and You Can Too!)


Usually a leap of faith isn’t meant literally.

When I spent the weekend in Guatapé, Colombia I didn’t even realize I would be taking one. The experience was already better than I was expecting. The group of us, who had been traveling together for 11 months with Remote Year, rode on the top of vans down the breathtaking countryside, hiked up to see landscape views easily inspired by the Garden of Eden, and wandered through a town seemingly lost in time, all while eating delicious Colombian food and listening to the music played by locals.

These moments were all lovely and remarkable. But there was a familiar comfort in them. There were no stakes. Nothing was being asked of me except to lounge in a hammock, sip a beer, and take it all in. Well not until we came across the long yellow bridge, it’s lemon-tinted metal stretching across the river.

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