Moving to a New City is Easy


Lol just kidding. It’s terrible and hard.

BUT. There’s a reason the city you're in now isn’t doing it for you. And chances are you don’t feel like trying to make it work there anymore. Or maybe you just want to see new places, meet different people, see the real affects of culture and lifestyle on your joy and contentment.

I moved to Los Angeles because I love living in cities with mountains in the distance. I moved because I love the idea of a city of creatives, of dreamers. I moved because I love sunshine and I think I’m cute and I like the idea of being cute in the sunshine with other cute people. I moved because I think The Big One is going to happen any day now and I like being where the action is.

After a month I can confidently say I made the right choice. The city is huge so every day feels like an adventure. The city is iconic and walking down the street feels like walking through history. The city is teaming with people and I see the talented, the beautiful, the...