Wait, you can learn anything you want?


The process of video production has been trial and error for me. My earliest memories with the art are of getting my grubby paws on a piece of equipment (from a full sized camcorder all the way to PhotoBooth on my 2008 white MacBook) and pressing all the buttons until I figured out how it worked. And that was a winning formula for awhile.

Then I started creating projects that required a deadline. This is when I realized I actually needed to know what I was doing.

First, friends came to the rescue. I leveraged their tolerance of me for free lessons in all manners of skills (I'm still actively working with friends to learn how to tread water) and once I knew the basics, I was off.

But I'm at the point where I realize I need to change my approach. I've always hesitated to invest in myself when money was involved. Now I recognize that beyond money, time is what you can never get back. I've been so busy IN the work, that I stopped thinking ABOUT the work, and critically -- how I can do it...