What's magic, anyway?


I live in Los Angeles now so I saw a lot of people in real life that I had only seen on TV before. It was weird. First it was elating, and unbelievable, and exciting. And then it was just another human being talking.

I spent some of the time amused (these were comedy shows). I spent a good amount of the time questioning why I was there. I spent even more time trying to figure out how some people decide that their opinion is worth hearing and about the requisite bravery/deep starvation for attention that compels them to get up in front of strangers. I felt a kinship with these people because I too, write on the Internet and make videos because I think I have something worth saying. I can’t imagine someone meeting me on the street and being shellshocked because of it.

Being so close to these people felt very pedestrian. (As a carless person, I feel the irony of using that word negatively.) Yes, it felt like the “magic” of Hollywood was being erased. Instead, I saw this world for...