Why I signed up for Remote Year


I settle.

Not in a bad way. More in a “settling in” kind of way. When I create a home, a community, a life that I find comfortable and satisfying, I am in no rush to pack up and leave it all behind.

And I did it anyway.

I signed up for Remote Year. The 12 month program takes care of the travel and housing logistics for you and a group of strangers (33 in my case) as you travel to a new country every month for a year.

I hate logistics. I love travel. I have a remote job. To me, the reasons to do the program were obvious.

But there were some other things as well, because of course there are.

I have always been a homebody. I like to stay inside, I like my time alone, I like naps (no, I love naps) and I generally like a stress-free, comfortable existence.

In the U.S. I had an awesome apartment, a good-paying job, an amazing community of friends and I convinced myself, “This is all there is.”

But that nagging voice, the one that you can never get rid of, told me that it wasn’t. And all of...