A Mental Request for Change


Change is inevitable.

When we were young we learned how to ride a bike, we got comfortable with it. For most, the concept of comfortability is second nature. Whether it's a riding a bike, a consistent friend group, or a safe haven that they can remain in for eternity. Finding that comfortability comes easy, but the uncomfortable is hard. When it comes to change, by nature people just don't handle it well. Change and confidence don't really go hand in hand, which makes it harder and harder to get out of our norm.

I'll be honest, I'm really good at getting comfortable too. But I decided to make a change. Over the past 3 years, my personality type has grown more toward pushing myself constantly to try new things and grow. With that has come a lot of change, and even more uncomfortableness. My brain turned from comfortable, into a "yes" man. It's like a mental request or notification pops up in my conscience once a month saying "Go do something great!" So I do. Now, don't worry, I still...