Open a New Door


Namaste, you just opened the door to Nomadic Intentions. It's taken me some time now to gain an understanding of what I wanted this blog to portray; to be honest, I still don't have it all figured out (but who does these days, right?) For now, here is what I know:

If I were to create a definition for a "nomadic intention", I would say a nomad is a wanderer, or that it simply represents 'wonder'. To go deeper, I'd say a wanderer is a curious person who explores new places and ideas. As for an intention, I see that as a plan; the aim to live a lifestyle because it's what you want. If you put the two together, my belief is that this blog will help you see new perspectives and create a new plan for living from those perspectives.

Now, the key here is open-mindedness. As a child, I was very set on ordering the same dish from the same restaurant that I went to every Sunday with my grandmother even when the waitress offered up new options. That, my friends, is the definition of being closed...