Where are we going?

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Traveling brings out this entirely new version of questions you never thought you'd ask yourself.   What possessions bring me joy? What is my perception of a successful life? Why do other countries not believe in the Starbucks app? And most importantly, where are we going and how do we get there? The latter being a question I wish I asked myself more often in normal everyday life settings. There is this trend of flowing through life that we've just adjusted to. Maintaining the existing lifestyle that we have been placed in is something we are really good at. But rarely do we remind ourselves to change up the questions, and get lost in the answers.

Traveling causes this liberating critical mindset to every potential plan you could have. We walk into everyday with a new place to go, a full itinerary of spontaneous adventures or a simple  blank slate. We are constantly living in the "what's next" instead of that monotonous routine that is just "enjoyable" instead of "liberating"....