Watch Over Us


To those who are sick, who have this virus, who are uncertain when or if they will feel well again, watch over them. 

To the medical professionals, who are on the front line, who are working long hours and taking on more shifts, who are exposing themselves and then carrying the burden of bringing that home to their loved ones, watch over them.

To the first responders, who don’t get to work from home, who will still answer the call to protect the community, who are away from their families and loved ones for long periods of time, watch over them.

To the local/small business community, who are facing so much uncertainty, who don’t know if they will make it through this, watch over them.

To the service industry, who were so critical in bringing us together through food, spirits and experiences, who don’t know when they will be able to work again, watch over them.

To the freelancers, who work from gig to gig, who are reliant on businesses to be up and running to be able to provide for...