Comment on Long Term Travel and Emotions by Ellyn


Thank you for that last paragraph about if you would’ve regretted doing remote year. I recently told my parents that I got accepted and am planning on doing it and I have been met with a less than accepting response, complete with an email from my dad about all of the bad things people have ever said about being on it. A lot of partying. Accommodations range from fine to roach infested. Internet and phone service is often not good enough to be able to complete work assignments forcing the pile up of work and late nights. A lot of people drop out during the year – over half in some cases. The list was about 3x as long as this.
Not sure if you’ve experienced any of things, but I read his email and felt disappointed because a) it didn’t come across very supportive, and b) I really couldn’t explain the fact that I didn’t care. That I wanted to do it anyway. But there was still the nagging part of me that wondered if I should turn it done. But I don’t want...