How I’ve Changed


It’s been 6 months, but it seems like I’ve lived several lifetimes since I left Madison, WI on May 28. Here are a few ways I’ve changed since leaving on this trip:

I am excited for the future. Before I left on this trip, I was stuck. I had a decent, well-paying job but I wasn’t learning anything new. I worked long hours and I did not get to see the sun during the winter months. I wasn’t meeting new people and the friends I did have were moving away. I had a clear path laid out in front of me, but all I saw for my future was more of the same. Since signing up for this trip, I’ve had plenty to look forward to. First I was excited to meet my friends for the next 12 months. Next it was a side trip to Croatia. Then it was taking a trip to watch polo in the English countryside. Next it was eating Pastel de Nata in Lisbon. There is no shortage of adventure in my life. And as each month comes to a close, I have a whole new city to explore and new adventures to plan. While this crazy...