Stop Lying: You Love The Kardashians


Everybody loves to hate soap operas, Kardashians, reality TV.

… and yet everyone watches them. Hate-watching.

If your friend is watching, you need to be up on the drama. You need to take sides. Who sucks the most?

Walk around. Look at everyone. They’re acting out their own unnecessary soap operas. They claim they don’t like soap operas. But they write and star in them. For free!

When you’re playing the same game as everyone, drama is guaranteed. But you can play your own game. Write your own show. Reality shows don’t need unnecessary drama.

Imagine a reality show where people were happy and nice to each other? That’d be boring. Or would it?

I’m not sure if this makes any sense.

I am sure that breaking our addiction to drama would go a long way. We could stop seeking it everywhere, if we’d admit we’re addicted.

We’re like little kids, throwing dirt at each other because that’s what everyone else is doing … and we’re too afraid to admit it makes us sad, and that just because we don’t know...