The food, the weather, the people, and the massive amount of bike riding made Amsterdam one of my favorite places i have visited. My friends Danny and Stephan did an excellent job showing us around the city and taking us to the must see places that mostly were not to touristy. We only had a few days to spend but Danny, Fico, Cookie, Bryan, Chase, Montrey and I made the most of it.

Top Things We Did in Amsterdam When we arrived we took a a Tesla taxi cab to our Airbnb which was really fun because I had never been in one before and our driver was definitely mashing on the accelerator. Danny showed everyone around the city a bit and then had everyone but me over to his house because I was taking a nap because I was exhausted from lack of sleep. We went to Ron’s Gastrobar Oriental which was one of the best meals that I have had on the trip. Ron used to have 2 Michelin stars for his restaurants but became tired of dealing with all the qualifications so he gave them up. Probably a good...