The Final Walk: Where We Lived and Worked in Buenos Aires


Here is the 12th and final video recap of our last city on Remote Year, Buenos Aires:

And here is the month told in photos:

Highlights of this month for me were:
  • Bomba de Tiempo – A percussive show they do every Monday night in BA in this outdoor concert area. It’s like the musical STOMP in that you can’t help but get sucked into the rhythm of this thing. It’s all improv and they have an “orchestra conductor” steering things and making music on the fly. Incredibly cool.
  • Fuerza Bruta – is an immersive, raucous musical/arts assault on the senses. It reminded me of Blue Man Group in that you’re in the middle of the action and there’s just chaotic craziness happening all around you. Apparently this is an...