About Me

I am many things, but perhaps most of all I am a life-long learner. I aspire to become a renaissance man, although I see the journey ahead as being long (and a whole lot of fun). My interests are fairly broad, and I tend to pick up new hobbies and interests often, delve deeply into them, and then file them away to make room for the next.

My primary focus right now, besides travel, is my love of food, drink (coffee, beer, and whisk(e)y), photography, and technology. These are the topics which primarily be the focus of my writing. I’m going to attempt to make at least weekly updates to this site, especially during my travels. I am, unfortunately, also a workaholic though, so this will require some discipline on my part.

Topics I’m especially interested in and might even write about are: security and privacy, video games, graphics technology, headphones, stereo amplifiers, audio source components, home theater, and general computer hardware. Of course you may also see me...