3 Tricks I Use to Relieve Anxiety Fast


Have you ever been driving along on the freeway, having a grand time listening to your favorite tune, only to have someone swerve into your lane? Nearly hitting you? You quickly adjust as needed, maybe shout a couple cuss words, and go about your driving, perhaps a little more irritated then before. Unless you suffer from anxiety. In that case, you are likely to react as I do - the body begins to sweat, breathing becomes difficult, the senses become extreme and overwhelming.

Welcome to the start of an anxiety attack at the worst timing. In the middle of the freeway, there's no time to slowly calm yourself down. You need a trick that works fast!

Whether you are in a social function, an important meeting at work, or even in the comfort of your own home, panic never really appears at the "right time." That's why I have been working to develop tricks to help me quickly alleviate major anxiety symptoms as quickly as they appear.

I know these methods work, because I have not only used...