50 Affirmations for Abundance Mindset


Looking to call more abundance into your life? Change your mindset. Often times, we create so many mental blocks based around fears or self doubt that block our potential. We cannot see opportunities that are right in front of us because we have a false narrative playing constantly in our minds. Today's affirmations are designed to get you in line with abundance mindset.

If you are desiring more money into your life, the most important thing is to release any guilty feelings or desperation.

A lot of us still have a false belief that wanting wealth is wrong. In order to shift this, we must rethink what wealth means for us and what it will provide to us. For me, wealth is the freedom to create a life around serving others and building stability for my future family. For some of my clients, desiring money means they're desiring the means to sign their kids up for dance class and explore new cultures as a family.

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