50+ Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence


It's in the early hours of the morning and I am standing slouched over my bathroom sink, staring into my own eyes. I see fear and worry about the day to come. I begin whispering to myself statements, such as, "I'm a confident badass and I am going to nail this interview." Slowly, my voice gets louder and I am standing tall. My hands are on my hips and I am not only announcing the words I speak, but I am firmly believing them. I carried that confidence throughout the day, through my interview, and landed the position. One of my many stories on the power of affirmations.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is really anything you state or think. This includes our internal dialogue with ourselves, also known as self-talk, can be seen as a constant series of affirmations we repeat all day. These can be both good and bad. More often than not, this self-talk does more harm than good. We think or say things all of the time, such as, "Man, I'm an idiot" or "There's no way I am capable of...