50+ Quotes for Themed Yoga Classes


My favorite yoga classes to attend and teach are the ones that have a clear theme outside of the asanas or postures. Focusing on a quote or an idea helps to give the flow a purpose or an intention. Today, I am sharing more than fifty of my favorite quotes that I have used in a yoga class.

How can you use a theme to influence the yoga postures? I often like to reflect on what kind of movement comes to mind when I think of a given theme. Here are some examples:

For love and compassion, I focus on postures that expand and open the chest. When we lift the chest open in a back bend, such as camel pose, or pull the shoulders back in cobra, we are opening are hearts. It is the perfect pairing.

For a slower class, such as yin yoga, I often like to reflect on themes such as stillness, mindfulness, or letting go. This allows me to share longer stories or quotes when students are holding postures for an extended period of time. This is especially useful when you can use metaphors to drop...