7 YouTube Channels that Motivate Personal Growth


There are a number of daily habits that promote my productivity, especially my morning habits. Meditation, fitness, and reading are great tools to get me moving each day. However, there is one other tool I use to get myself motivated. YouTube! I'm dead serious. These seven YouTube channels have been so helpful in motivating my personal growth. I learn something new every single day.

I was recently asked about what Podcasts I listen to for inspiration, but I didn't have many. Honestly, I just use YouTube for my inspo. Luckily for you podcast fans out there, a lot of the name I mention below have podcasts versions too.

While I list a few of my favorite episodes from each show, I would explore them for yourself. The channels below offer a lot of diversity and there is something for everyone.

Let's Get Motivated!

youtube channels motivate growth

Gabrielle Bernstein

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