A Nomad’s Guide to Bali


Oh, Bali. I’m shocked to say that I feel a tiny piece of my heart is remaining here – even though I’ve only lived here for three months. As a nomad, there have been few places that feel like “home” and I’m always eager to hop to the next place. However, Bali is special and I’m finding it harder to leave than I imagined I would. If you’re thinking of a Bali trip, do it! Hopefully, I can give you some good guidance for your time here.

I’ll tell you, there is something interesting about the energy here. I don’t know if it’s the volcanic energy, the beauty of the Balinese people living each day around gratitude, or what, but it’s powerful. I’ve found myself on a journey of having some of the highest highs and immediately dropping into low, dark days. It was a rollercoaster. It cracked me wide open, showed me the things I still needed to work on, and moved me through beautiful healing.

^ showered in flowers during a cocoa ceremony

Therefore, my biggest piece of advice if you...