A Nomad’s Guide to Mexico City


Mexico City is one of the most diverse, cultured places I have had the pleasure to experience. It is not only an incredible city to visit, but it's the perfect place for digital nomads to settle in for a bit and enjoy everything CDMX has to offer.

I have to be honest with you - Mexico City was never on my bucket list of places to visit. If fact, we had a love-hate relationship throughout most of the month. I would explore the giant parks and get my fill of chilaquiles.... then I would be crawling to the toilet. Montezuma's revenge is a real freaking thing!

nomad guide mexico city

Photo by @gorkestra

Although my gut is still recovering from my trip, I have to admit that I fell madly in love with the city. In fact, I am considering moving there at some point.

I fell in love with the variety of people, the endless amounts of greenery and parks, and the mix of old-world and new-world architecture. I enjoyed working from cafes, exploring the city on a bicycle, and tasting all the wonderful spices of Mexico...