Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga – Modify, Stretch, and Strengthen


Wrist pain is one of the most common complaints I hear from new students. Often times, we are new to the angles of the wrist that are presented in yoga. Additionally, we do not always have the forearm strength to support the weight of the body in postures like plank pose. Today, we are going to walk through different ways to relieve pain in the wrists during your yoga practice through modifications, stretching, and strengthening.

Before we dive into the different practices, let's take a quick moment to chat about alignment. Sometimes, wrist pain is caused when the weight is not being distributed into the hand properly. When we lack forearm strength, we have the tendency to lift up the fleshy part of the hand that sits between the thumb and index finger. Additionally, we want to avoid putting weight into the heel of the palm. Check out this graphic for more details:


Graphic from YinYangYogis.com

Making sure to spread the fingers wide and follow the chart above should help to keep...