Beginner Yoga Series: How to Use Yoga Blocks


One of the things I love most about going to a yoga studios is the ability to use all of the different yoga props. Yoga props were designed to assist students in achieving different variations of yoga postures. For beginners, tools like blocks and straps can help students enjoy yoga poses with light assistance. Additionally, the same props can be used to help seasoned students kind ways to strengthen their practice. Today, we are diving into the different ways to use Yoga Blocks in your practice.

Yoga blocks come in all shapes and sizes, fitting a variety of budgets and preferences. For example, the skinnier foam block that I use in a variety of the poses below was purchased at Walmart for $3. Sturdier yoga blocks made of cork or wood material may cost closer to $20-30. I would not get too caught up in having the fanciest blocks out there. In fact, I prefer the foam blocks because I find them to be more comfortable in a supportive or resting yoga pose.

You can also enjoy yoga...