Beginner Yoga Series: How to Use Yoga Straps


Welcome back to part four of our 6-week Beginner Yoga Series. We have been discussing how to start a home yoga routine and what types of yoga may be the right fit for you. Last week, we chatted all about how to use yoga blocks to benefit your home yoga practice. Now we are diving into yoga straps, one of my favorite yoga props!

Yoga straps are my favorite for a number of reasons. They're:

  • Low-cost: Usually only $3-7 and can be found easily on Amazon or even Walmart
  • Easy to Carry: Whether I am traveling the world or heading off to a local gym, straps take up very little space in my bag and hardly weigh anything.
  • Great for Deep Stretches: My hamstrings are one of my biggest problem areas in my body, but straps help to to really dig deep into the stretches in an easy, relaxing way.

There are many different kinds of straps and no kind are right or wrong. There are two things I would pay attention to when shopping for your straps - length and buckle style. If you are short (like me),...