Beginner Yoga Series: Starting a Routine


When you are new to yoga, getting a foot in the door can feel rather intimidating. What do you really need? How do you get started? Which type of yoga is right for you? (Types?! Yes... there are several) What if you have to fart in class?! Beginning yoga may feel awkward, so I am here to you through it!

Over the next six weeks, I will be posting a different blog post and video designed to explain some yoga basics. Whether you are hoping to take your new found skills to a yoga studio or you want to continue learning online, these posts will help you to feel confident in doing so!

beginner yoga series starting routine sun salutations

Be as cool and calm as this kitty

I am approached by friends and family regularly about how to get started in yoga or how to move past the fear of stepping into a yoga practice. Here is my biggest advice: have fun with it! Don't be worried about getting things right or having a wardrobe or practice designed for the cover of Yoga Magazine. No one starts off that way and, even still, few ever get a level...