Beginner Yoga Series: Types of Yoga


I'm going to let you in on a little secret - not all yoga classes are created equally or are designed to fit the needs of ALL students. In fact, not all teachers are right for all students. Heck, I'm not the perfect teacher for everyone. But hey! That's one of the coolest things about yoga - there are MANY different styles to try.

I have heard friends (and random strangers) complain to me that they tried a yoga class once or twice and had a terrible experience. They say, "yoga just isn't for me!" I always like to challenge that reaction, because even I have been to yoga classes that I loathed. It happens. I don't believe there is a single yoga class out there that fit everyone on this planet, which is a great thing!

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Do you hate the slow music and the yoga teacher rambling on about the magic of cleansing your chakras? That's understandable. Maybe find a power yoga teacher that loves to blast heavy metal and makes you laugh the whole class.

Do you just want to lay on your mat for an...