Build Back Strength with Yoga – free printable PDF


In yoga, we are always trying to build flexibility in the spine. We are always twisting, bending, and folding in all sorts of direction. While flexibility is important for the spine, it is also important to build strength to protect the back. We often sit using back rests and do not naturally form the muscles necessary for even basic functions, leading to a lot of back pain. In today's yoga class, we focus on postures to build back strength.

Of course, as much as I love yoga, I also highly encourage some form of strength training. While I prefer weight lifting, I invite you to explore any form of strength building that you find enjoyable. You can also add dumbbells to some of your yoga poses for a little extra work.

full body yoga workout

Mountain Pose

Stand at the front of the mat with the feet about hip distance apart. Spread the toes wide and press all four corners of the feet into the mat. Activate the legs, tuck the pelvis slightly under, and pull the bellybutton in towards the...