Debunking Self Love Myths & BS – Video blog


Let's be real for a moment. Who hasn't given an eye roll to the term self care or self love at least once in your life? Yep, me too. I used to think it was a bunch of crap. To me, it sounded like an excuse to act like a selfish jerk and perpetuate the narcissistic society that surrounds us. Boy, was I wrong though. In my own journey and while working with clients, I have seen the vital importance of self love and how necessary it is to well being.

So, why does it still get a bad rap? It doesn't help that self care has now been used as a marketing tactic to sell us on over priced luxury goods and the excuse to go shopping. Right? There's also a ton of misconceptions into what it actually means. Is self care all about bubble baths?

In today's vlog, I called upon some amazing women and friends to share the myths they've heard about self love and self care. It's time to debunk these babies!

Self Love Myths

Did any of these myths connect with things you've heard? Maybe,...