From “Is this it?” to Bliss – Interview with Lara


One of my absolute favorite things about travel is the people I get to meet along the way. It’s been able to connect me with a new dear friend, Lara Sosanwo. We connected instantly over similar stories – we both found ourselves completely underwhelmed by the life we were “supposed to be living.” We also used the physical practice of yoga to move us into a place of personal growth, propelling us into a more authentic life.

After a life of trying to live up to expectations, Lara finally was able to strike through all the items on her life’s to-do-list. First the master’s degrees, then her ‘dream job’, the company car, the sweetest boyfriend, a beautiful house to live, with Téo the Frenchie playing in the backyard. She had it all.

With all her goals achieved, it looked like she had created the perfect life for herself. But in reality, she was stressed-out (with two almost-burnout episodes), frustrated and left wondering: “Is this it?” She sold her stuff and bought a one-way...