Healing with Essential Oils – Interview with Stacey Sexton


It seems like everyone is chatting about essential oils nowadays, right? While it seems to be the "cool thing" right now, essential oils aren't going away any time soon. Today's guest, Stacey Sexton, found ways to use essential oils for healing in her own life, especially as a new mother.

Back in October 2018, I met this stunning, pink haired goddess at Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein. She has a badass, get-things-done energy about her, but with the maternal grace that I crave in my lady friends. Throughout the week, we were pulled together by Gabby's teachings and the joy of coming together in support of other women.


“Wow, this woman (Gabby) really speaks my language. I could connect with her so easily and I craved more of her teaching style… I love her everyday woman spirit.”

- Stacey Sexton

We both used the teachings of Gabby and other spiritual leaders to find self healing and create our own beliefs. Stacey also found a lot of healing...