Healing with Yoga and Embodying the Feminine – Interview with Kelsey Lawrence


I am thrilled to introduce you to my soul sister, Kelsey Lawrence. Kelsey and I met in yoga teacher training in Arizona, where we both went through a major transformation. We have been bonding over the painful journey of divorce, owning our healing journey, and learning to appreciate our femininity. Her interview is going to inspire you to start or continue your healing journey.

She is also our latest guest teacher on the Remote Yogi Tribe membership. Her latest class with sound healing will be added the the portal this week!


Her Yoga Journey

For those who have been through yoga teacher training, or just a long time practice, you can appreciate Kelsey's journey. She loved yoga for helping her connect with her body in a healthy way, but teacher training took her to the next level.

"It led me down a really nice healing path.. just fully awakened. And with awakening comes great joy and happiness, but also a lot of pain."

The pain was learning how to reflect on life choices and...