How Gabrielle Bernstein Changed My Life {video}


How often do I rant and rave about how much yoga have changed my life? Probably on the daily, but I’m nearly boasting about Gabby Bernstein just as often. I find myself incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon her work exactly when I needed it – at the lowest point of my life. Her work picked me up off the floor (literally) and helped me pull my life back together. This is why I was thrilled to make today’s video on how Gabrielle Bernstein changed my life.

If you had a chance to read my post earlier this week on the tough lessons I learned from church on shame and judgement, you’ll know that I completely gave up on anything faith based for about a decade of my life. I had given up any hope that I could believe in something greater than myself – until I picked up Gabby’s book Spirit Junkie.

It was incredibly refreshing to be inspired by someone who talked about spirituality in such a down to earth way. She was relatable – had struggled with drug abuse and still found a way to...