How to Be Creative with Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts


Having a bullet journal has been one of the greatest things I have ever done for my own productivity! I know it’s 2019 and I should be all about the apps and online calendars, but I’m still old school at heart. I love taking the time to write in my physical journal and fill in my paper calendar. Plus, my bujo (bullet journal for short) has allowed me the weekly opportunity to be creative. Today, I’m sharing ways you can get creative with your own bullet journal with weekly layouts.

Doesn’t it take up extra time to draw out creative bujo pages? Yes, it certainly does. However, I found that it’s never a “waste of time” to be creative. These pages get my brain thinking outside the box, which has proven to boost my productivity, rather than be a distraction from it.

It’s easy to explore your creativity with bullet journals. Here’s what I would try out:

  • Play with different layouts: I’ve given you some of my favorite below, feel free to copy
  • Try different modalities: markers,...