How to Breakupward: Finding Gratitude for a Broken Heart – Interview with Chelsea Leigh Trescott


Have you ever come out of a breakup feeling more alive, grateful, and full of life? Have you ever used heartbreak to propel your life forward, into a positive direction? My guest today, Chelsea Leigh Trescott is an amazing breakup coach who helps people do just that. She teaches her clients how to love and let go fearlessly. I am so thrilled to be sharing her mission with you today!

I met Chelsea when I was interviewed for her podcast, Thank you Heartbreak. In my episode, we chat about my divorce and the healing I was able to do through the process of letting go of my ex. We chat about the pitfalls that perfectionism played in the downfall of my marriage and the self worth journey I have embarked on since then. We also discuss how this led me into my current healthy and open relationship.


(We also worked on a written interview for Mogul that you can check out here.)

In addition to being a breakup coach, Chelsea is a talented writer (as you will see below) and you can feel how much...