How to Live in Authenticity


I still find myself a bit shocked every time I receive the compliment, “you are so authentic!” It’s still a little odd, even though it’s by far the most popular positive feedback that I receive from people. Part of my brain is still in disbelief that I’ve been able to shift things so dramatically in my life. You see, I used to the the exact opposite of authentic. I showed up each day as character versions of myself and had no idea how to live in authenticity.

About four years ago, I began making major shifts in my life. I was already a short time into teaching yoga, which was continuing to shape me into a newer version of myself everyday. My greatest transformation, however, was when I finally decided to stop letting other people define my faith. I began exploring spirituality at my own pace. I bought crystals, chanted through meditations, and found my way to one of my greatest teachers, Gabrielle Bernstein.

It was a catalyst. In confidently choosing my own beliefs, I got a...