Lessons I Learned in Church – Love, Shame, & Judgement


I’ve been avoiding writing this story for some time now. Not that I am afraid of judgement, I’ve let go of that fear a long ass time ago. I’m more fearful of anyone that might feel hurt through my words or judged themselves for this post. Please note, the stories I share today are my own and the experiences are my own. I’m not trying to suggest that this is the experience that every Christian has growing up, but this was mine. My church taught me a whole lot about love, but even more about shame and judgement.

These stories have been pleading to be shared. I’ve discovered that each time I share these privately, someone can relate. It doesn’t matter what faith they’ve been raised in, there’s usually a lesson at some point about not being “good enough.”

I was raised Southern Baptist and spent most of my free time at some sort of church activity growing up. However, as an adult, I’ve felt the same sort of shame in all sorts of religious places. I was triggered into a shame...