Listen to Your Body – WTF does that mean?


Have you ever heard the phrase “listen to your body” and felt slightly annoyed or confused? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my body doesn’t speak. If it does, it’s talking a language I don’t speak. So wtf does that really mean? In today’s video, I’m breaking down what it means to listen to the body, through tuning in to self care and intuition. Ready?

Your Body’s Story

I was recently enjoying a writing workshop by my dear friend, Nadine McNeil, and walked away with a ton of insight. While she offered a number of thought-provoking journal prompts, the one that caught my attention the most is the inspiration for today’s post. She asked,

“If your body could speak, what story would she tell?”

As I scribbled my answer in a short five minutes, I was shocked with what poured out of me. It was a clear depiction of how far I’ve come in relating to my own body. From someone who used to be out of touch with her own body, or hating it, to feeling so in tune...