Massaged Kale Salad with Sweet Potato (vegan, gf)


Yep, you read that right. A "massaged" kale salad. I figured before we dive into my recipe for kale sweet potato salad, we should first chat a bit about why I suggest to massage your kale. I mean, who doesn't like a massage?

I love kale. It is a versatile leafy green that does wonderfully whether sauteed, roasted, juiced, or steamed. The possibilities are endless and it is incredibly nutritious. However, fresh kale can also be rather bitter when not prepared correctly.

massaged kale salad sweet potato vegan

This is why we massage the kale! When taking the time give your kale a five-minute rub down, we release the sweetness and silkiness of the flavors. You will be pleasantly surprised by how different it tastes after a little lovin'.

How to massage kale

It's easy! Start with a handful of washed kale and remove the thick center steams. You can choose to cut your kale pre-massage or after. For a dry rub down, simply use your hands to massage and rub the kale together. You will begin to notice the kale darkening in color...