Money is Not a Dirty Word


I'll be honest with you, my pits and palms are obnoxiously sweaty right now. This happens every time I begin to share an article that is deeply personal to me, so get ready for some real talk. Today, I want to talk about money and why is is so god damn important that we change up our beliefs around money. Right now.

Money, and my financial situation, are some of the few topics that I shy away from. Frankly, I'm an open book. From my sexual trauma to my battles with mental illness, I have zero problem sharing my stories with the world.

Unless you want to ask me about my finances. In that case, I'm suddenly incapable of conversation. Or when I do talk about it, I'm suddenly an anxious mess with tears streaming down my face and an overwhelming feeling of doom clutching my shoulders.

money anxiety

Or at least, this was me. I've been struggling with shame and embarrassment about my debt for years. Through a divorce and world travel and starting a business, I let my debt situation get out of control,...