My Anti-Bloating Tonic – I drink this daily! {VLOG}


Okay, let's face it - bloating is a problem! Whether you have an important date to the beach or simply don't want to feel miserable all day, relief cannot come fast enough. There are a number of different tricks to reduce bloating, and I have tried them all. Today, I am sharing the recipe that I have been perfecting for years to get the best anti-bloating tonic that works quick! I love it so much that I actually drink it every day to aid in digestion.

Why are you bloated? There can be a number of reasons why the stomach bloats, other than chronic conditions, such as irritable bowels syndrome. A bloated stomach may be a sign that you've consumed too much salt or simple carbs, drank too much carbonation, you ate too much or too quickly, or your body is not reacting well to dairy. Other causes may be constipation or your monthly period.

The good news? This tonic is made to help relieve the bloating regardless of how it got there. Back when I was a wedding planner, I would hand this...