Not into seated meditation? Here are six alternatives


Often times, when we think of meditation, we think of some calm man or woman dresses in all white sitting perfectly still in a beautiful place. It can feel very intimidating. While meditation is becoming very mainstream and old stereotypes are being removed, sitting still and not thinking is still really hard. There are plenty of alternatives to a seated meditation.

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In fact, meditation has a number of different meanings. The common themes include focusing the mind, mental concentration, mental clearing, and achieving a calm state. We we use these definitions, meditation has nothing at all to do with sitting in stillness.

I invite you to try out some of these active meditations below. Direct your attention to the practice of clearing or focusing the brain. The actual activity you are doing is much less important.

Walking Meditations

A walking meditation can be done in a very strict, traditional sense or simply a mindful stroll. The important thing is to keep distractions minimal,...